Instructions for pairing your Mi Band 2 with your phone and setting up Heart Monitor for Mi Band

The app is available from Google Play. It allows you to use your Mi Band 2 to take automatic heart rate readings and store them on Google Fit and a local database. The interval between readings can be set from 1 to 60 minutes to give you continuous heart rate tracking throughout the day.

My Mi Band 2 is already paired with my phone

If your Mi Band 2 isn't already paired with your phone then you will need to do that first so that Heart Monitor can find it. To do this you can use the official Mi Fit app but it may also be possible with other compatible apps.

When using Mi Fit, tap the Profile button at the bottom right of the screen then tap your Mi Band 2 in the devices section.

Mi Fit device screen

Scroll down to the Discoverable option and turn it on

Mi Fit discoverable mode screen

After the Mi Band 2 is discoverable you can go to your phone's Bluetooth menu and pair a new device. It can sometimes take a while for the Mi Band to be detected, and turning your phone's Bluetooth off and on again might help if you are having problems.

Once the Mi Band 2 is paired with your phone you can go back into Mi Fit and turn off the discoverable option again.

When your Mi Band 2 is paired, Heart Monitor will detect it automatically. To enable saving the heart rate reading to Google Fit you will need to give the app permissions. Depending on your Android version you might be asked to provide permission to access body data. Once the app has the body data permission you can connect to to your Google Fit account by tapping the Connect button at the top right.

Heart Monitor for Mi Band main screen

The above image shows the following options

  • 1. Connect to your Google Fit account
  • 2. Set the interval at which a heart rate reading will be attempted, in minutes. The minimum value is 1 minute. The lower the interval is, the more battery will be used by your Mi Band 2
  • 3. Take 3 readings and then take the average and attempt to discard any bad values. This option is experimental and will also reduce the battery life of your Mi Band 2, but it will hopefully give more accurate readings
  • If you change any settings then tapping the Check Now button will make sure the new settings are used. When a reading is taken it will be synced to your Google Fit account and also stored in a local database which you can view by tapping the Show Readings button. You must leave your phone's Bluetooth radio enabled at all times you wan't the app to read your heart rate.

    If you have more than one Mi Band 2 paired with your phone then the app may not communicate with the right one and you will need to unpair the one you don't use anymore. In the future an option will be added to choose the correct Mi Band to use

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